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Where to start?

Want to be at the top of search results on Google, but don’t know where to start? Let YO! Media achieve this for you.


The internet is a busy place these days, and competition is fierce. That’s why YO! Media offers expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to ensure your business gets found. We’ll provide greater visibility of your website on the three major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will increase traffic to your site, connect you with pre-qualified customers and ultimately drive more sales.


Get to the top of Google

Let’s start from the start … if a potential customer is searching online for the product or service you offer, it’s our job is to get your website to the top of the ‘organic’ search results.


So, what exactly do we mean by organic search results? These are the results that sit just below the advertisements on search engine results pages.  These organic results tend to have more credibility than ‘paid’ results and, as such, more people click on them.


Step 1 - SEO audit

To kick-start the process, we conduct an extensive assessment that will tell you everything you need to know about your position in the marketplace and how to improve your online success.


Firstly, we’ll establish the key words your potential customers are searching for online, as well as the number of people searching those key words each month.


We then conduct an extensive assessment of how well structured your website is, your top three online competitors and what issues are currently hindering your potential success.


Step 2 - On-site optimisation

It may surprise you to learn that Google likes things to be done in a particular way. To guarantee you are viewed favourably, your website needs to meet certain criteria.

Google intuitively works out what your website and business is about from the content on your site. That’s why it’s crucial that everything about your website clearly spells out who you are and what you do.


YO! Media will analyse your website the same way Google does, to assess whether the information included is giving you the best chance of being picked up in searches by potential customers.


Next, we’ll configure your website to make sure the correct key words are all in place, appropriate images are used, the best meta tags are selected, that it loads quickly and that it’s mobile friendly.


Step 3 - Off-site optimisation

This is when we really start building your credibility online.  Google calculates a "score" for every website. If your current score is low, links and referrals to and from other reputable websites will help increase it.


We’ll identify and insert the strongest links so Google knows instinctively that your website is the most appropriate for searches being carried out by relevant customers.


Step 4 - Maintenance

Once we’ve got you to No. 1 on Google and other search engines, it’s crucial that we work continuously to keep you there.


With competitors constantly entering the marketplace and Google changing its algorithm all the time, there is as much work involved in keeping your No. 1 ranking as there is in getting you there.


Because we believe in transparency, we’ll provide ongoing SEO education to our clients and regular metrics by which success can be measured.


The cutting-edge technology we use can tell you exactly how many responses a particular campaign generated, and which key word the customer used that led to their phone call or email.




Our team of SEO experts will increase your website's visibility in Google, leading to an increase in website traffic and an increase in new leads.

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