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Whether you're starting from scratch or have an established campaign, we can ensure you're getting the most profitable return for your AdWords investment.


Introduction to Google AdWords

You’ve probably heard of Google AdWords. Lots of businesses use it to drive traffic to their websites and increase online sales.


AdWords is a great way of ensuring your business is seen by potential customers at the very moment they are searching online for your product or service.


The downside is that, whilst AdWords is relatively easy to set up, it can often prove challenging to navigate the entire environment. If you’re not completely across every aspect of it, you’re probably not getting the maximum gain from your spend.


So, if you’re looking to promote your business through AdWords but are unsure where to begin, or if you’re already using AdWords but are looking to maximise return on investment, YO! Media can help.


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords usually make up the top three links of any Google search.


While ‘organic’ search results tend to have more credibility, ‘paid’ results will still attract relevant visitors to your site.  They also have the advantage of being quick to set up, meaning you can reach No. 1 on Google within an hour of activating the campaign!


Benefits of using Google AdWords

There are some great advantages associated with using AdWords …


While SEO can take a couple of months to perfect, AdWords guarantees an instant presence. It’s the perfect tool to employ for the first couple of months after you have activated your SEO campaign, as you await the organic results to take shape.


AdWords operates on a ‘pay-per-click’ basis. This means you only pay Google when somebody actually clicks through to your website or contacts you by phone. This works well for potential customers that are ready to make an immediate buying decision.

What’s more you get to set and control the budget by specifying a spend limit. Once your limit has been reached you won’t pay a cent more.


Google also gives you the ability to switch the campaign on and off whenever you please.


How can YO! Media assist you?

Our professional Google AdWords Management team will give your campaign the best chance of reaching new customers at the lowest possible cost, ensuring maximum return on investment.


Most Relevant Keywords

YO! Media will make sure you are getting the most out of your AdWords spend by identifying the key words your customers are searching for, and ensuring these are woven into the campaign.


Reduce Ad Spend Waste

We’ll also ascertain areas of ad spend waste - trust us when we say there’s usually a lot more of this than you might think! The savings you make here will more than offset the costs associated with employing an organisation like YO! Media to manage AdWords on your behalf. And we’ll simultaneously save you the time involved in managing the campaign yourself.


Minimise Cost-Per-Click & Maximise Click-Through-Rate

This level of expertise means you will benefit from the lowest cost per click and the highest conversion rates. We’ll also increase the relevance of your ads, by hyper-targeting them towards a higher number of the most relevant customers.


At YO! Media we are committed to transparency in everything we do. That’s why we provide you with a personalised monthly report and video to walk you through all campaign results in detail.


Contact us today to find out how YO! Media can help you get the most out of your Google AdWords spend. Call us on 1300 986 724 or use our online contact form.


Having an experienced company like YO! Media manage your Google AdWords campaign can save you lots of time and provide you with a better return for your advertising investment.

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